Guild War 3

Guild War 3 Rankings

The third guild war has started and it's time to collect as many guild war tokens as possible for your guild! You can get the tokens from Rifts and hand them in to HubiundAwesome in-game or send them to him. If you want to know again exactly how everything works, check out our announcement again.

Below you can see the current rankings for guilds and players. We maintain these by hand, so please expect delays.

Guild Rankings

This is the current ranking for guilds. The rankings are sorted by the number of tokens submitted for the guild, as well as the number of rifts participated in.

Player Rankings

This is the current ranking for players. This ranking is sorted only by the number of participated rifts

End of the Event

The event will end on 31.10.2021 at 20:00 UTC (convert time). After that you have until 24:00 UTC (convert time) time to submit your last token at HubiundAwesome. The remaining tokens will be removed from your inventory in one of the server maintenances after the event.