Guild War 3

Announcement: Guild War 3

The ground has been trembling and rumbling on and off lately, and so-called Rifts have been discovered. These ancient things just appear everywhere out of nowhere, as if summoned by a higher power. It is said that the monsters that come out of the Rifts are stronger than normal monsters in the area and sometimes carry so-called Guild War Tokens with them. These tokens are rocks, with something written on them, which have an invaluable value for guilds. These Rifts supposedly always leave tokens behind when you defeat them and then they disappear again.... Strange these incidents and I'm almost afraid that it won't take too long until the guilds find out about it and war breaks out about these Guild War Tokens between the guilds.

The Rifts

Rifts appear all over the world for players to fight. However, these rifts follow their own rules. There is only one rift at a time. This rift appears at a random location in the game world and is also on a random server. If you want to know if a rift currently exists and where it is located, you can see this on our Watch Page.

There are two different rifts. The Sarcophagus, which is protected by skeletons, and the Cygluln Hive, which is guarded by spiders.

Cygluln Hive
Cygluln Hive

However, both rifts have in common that they are protected by guards that prevent the rift from receiving damage as long as all guards are alive. Whereby some rifts can only receive damage when all guards are dead and others depending on how many guards are dead. But you can tell this by the status effect of the rift.

At the Sarcophagus, the guards to kill are the Soulbreakers and Spleenpunchers. At the Cygluln Hive, it's the Cygluln Highguards.

Cygluln Highguard
Cygluln Highguard

Earn points

Guild War Token

Collect the Guild War Tokens by fighting Rifts that appear. The monsters have a small chance and the Rifts have a guaranteed chance of dropping a Guild War Token. The tokens can then be dropped off at HubiundAwesome directly or sent via in-game mail. Please include the name of your guild when sending them. Every token you hand in counts as one point for your guild.

If you are not in a guild or want to give tokens for another guild, you can do so as well. All you have to do is tell HubiundAwesome the name of the guild or include it directly in the mail. Of course you can also sell the token to the highest bidder 😉.

Points distribution

We keep a ranking list of all guilds that actively participate in fighting the rifts or for which tokens have been given. Here counts: The more tokens a guild has surrendered, the higher its ranking. If two guilds have surrendered the same number of tokens, those guilds will be ranked by the number of rifts they have fought.

There will also be a ranking of players that will show how many rifts each player has participated in. The players who achieve the highest ranking here will receive additional rewards.

A participated rift is only a rift where the player actively participated in killing the rift. So if you only participated in one attempt where the Rift didn't die, it won't count towards the point distribution.

We will publish an extra post when the event starts, where you can follow the current rankings.



Farmer Backpack Traveler Backpack Glynphyra Deco-Crate Royal Bear Deco-Crate

The guilds which rank 1 to 5 will receive prizes. Here, each member of the guild receives a prize, provided that he was actively involved in the killing of Rifts. A member counts as active if he was participating in the killing of at least 5 Rifts.

  • Place 1: Farmer Backpack, Glynphyra Deco-Crate, Royal Bear Deco-Crate.
  • Place 2: Traveler Backpack, Deco-Crate of choice.
  • Place 3: Traveler Backpack
  • Place 4: Deco-Crate of choice
  • Place 5: Deco-Crate of Choice


30 Days Stein.Account Bank Crate Scroll Trader Scroll Deposit Box

Each player who participated in killing at least 30 Rifts at the end of the event will receive an account token for 30 days Stein.Account. Besides that, the three highest ranked players will also receive the following prizes:

  • Place 1: 5 Bank Crate Scrolls, 5 Trader Scrolls, 5 Deposit Box.
  • Place 2: 3 Bank Crate Scrolls, 3 Trader Scrolls, 3 Deposit Box
  • Place 3: 2 Bank Crate Scrolls, 2 Trader Scrolls, 2 Deposit Box


It is expected that the first rifts will appear on 01.10.2021 at 20:00 UTC (convert time). Get ready!


The event will end on 31.10.2021 at 20:00 UTC (convert time). After that you have until 24:00 UTC (convert time) time to submit your last token at HubiundAwesome. The remaining tokens will be removed from your inventory in one of the server maintenances after the event.