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Developer: pg5-studio


Languages: English

Press Contact:

Availability: PC and Mobile

Updates: Weekly to monthly free updates

Price: Free to play with microtransactions

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit

DESCRIPTION is a MMO Role-Playing Game you can play right in your browser. You can play as a lone wolf or in a group of friends to explore the fantasy world of Stein. Complete quests and fight against monsters to level up and compete in the rankings of our dungeons.
In the game you start as a character who wakes up after a night of heavy drinking, in which he has lost his family stein (beer mug). To get this precious item back you start to explore the world to find clues where your stein could be. In the progress you gear up, complete hundreds of quests and fight in dungeons like the Cygluln Chambers where waves of enemies await you.


- Persistent fantasy world

- Current max Level: 20

- Hundreds of quests with many different objectives

- Hundreds of Items

- Millions of Equipment variations

- Group function

- Friendlist

- Dungeons

- Wave Dungeons

- Ranking System

- Bossfight system

- Professions system (gathering and crafting)

- Trading

- Bank


- Guild system

- Mounts & Pets

- PvP system (battlegrounds and open world pvp)

- Housing

- Farming

- Raids

- Factions with reputation

- Planed max Level: 100+


Download: Logos-Icons-Screenshots as a .rar

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