STEIN - Easter 2023 (v0.3.21)

We updated the easter event for this year and added some improvements to the game.


  • There are now quest which require inspecting an area in the game.
  • The easter event comes back for 2023
  • Works mainly the same as last year
  • Some of the items from the Lapi shop got replaced with new items
  • Added a little event for April fools.


  • The guild tabs now show up correctly if tab names are longer.
  • A casted weapon now visible for the whole duration of the cast on the player.
  • Some visuals in the game got update/corrected.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved loading of textures. So the Loading Texture hint at the top of the screen should no longer show up.
  • Fixed a bug where you received the stat boost of a weapon you selected while another one gets used.
  • Fixed a bug where the selected page did not reset correctly in the ranking.