STEIN - St. Patrick's Day (v0.3.20)

Get Lucky with the new St. Patrick's Day Items! Besides that some minor improvements for the UI were added.


  • There are new St. Patrick's Day Items during March available from the shop.
  • There are new Carnival Items, which give you some opportunities to dress up.
  • The new Costumes are now single items for each equipment slot and no Polymorph effect like the Valentine ones.
  • Real-Money Shop for Android now has adjusted prices, so that they align with the regular one.


  • Optimized rendering of the names and life-bars which are displayed above players and also rendering of scrolling status texts.
  • Added a reset button for the Name Scaling option.
  • Items which can't be used now show up as on cooldown in quickbar.
  • Added display of the shortcut for each quickbar slot in the quickbar.
  • Status Text for "On Cooldown" was removed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with sending gold through mail.
  • Fixed a bug where Duel service messages got categorized as Party service messages.