Quest Balancing Changes (v0.3.19a)

Fighting balanced enemy

Today's patch contains some balancing changes for quests. This should help new players and remove some points in the leveling process, where progress got unreasonably hard.

This is the second round of adjustments in this regard, after the introduction of the item rework.


Following is a list of all the quests with the changes made for them.

  • Collect Faligob Slime Slime drop rate was increased from 50% to 75% and reduced life of Faligob from 63 to 58.
  • Friends Reduced life of Monster Faligob from 154 to 134.
  • Dangerous Jerry Reduced life of Dangerous Jerry from 197 to 167.
  • Leaf Beetle Remainings Reduce life of Leaf Beetle from 79 to 70 and increase drop rate for Remains from 50% to 75%.
  • Kill Cygluln Keepers Reduced life of Cygluln Keepers from 96 to 81.
  • Kill Cave Bats Reduced life of Cave Bats from 91 to 79.
  • Hungry Bear Mother Reduced life of Hungry Bear Mother from 177 to 147.
  • Slaughter Pigs Increased meat drop rate from 35% to 70%.
  • Hunt Hungry Forest Bears Reduced life of Hungry Forest Bears from 79 to 69.
  • Kill Black Eye Reduced life of Bandit Ranger from 95 to 80 and reduced life of Bandit Fighter from 88 to 73.
  • Kill Mad Boars Reduced life of Mad Boars from 77 to 67.
  • Kill Skywing Bandits Reduce life of Skywing Ranger from 108 to 91 and reduced life of Skywing Warrior from 106 to 87.
  • Cygluln Chamber 2 Reduced required waves from 20 to 5.
  • Saltodon Crab Reduced life of Saltodon Crab from 93 to 73.
  • Kill Cygluln Hunters Reduced life of Cygluln Hunter from 157 to 117.
  • Abandoned Cemetery Raid Reduced required waves from 20 to 10.
  • Moya Crab Reduced life of Moya Crab from 421 to 371.
  • Esa Crab Reduced life of Esa Crab from 176 to 156.
  • The Counter-strike Reduced life of Mullong Troll Archer from 272 to 247 and reduced life of Mullong Troll Warrior from 270 to 245.
  • Danuta's Jewelry Reduced life of Mohanlal the Butcher from 286 to 216.
  • Mohanlal the Butcher Reduced life of Mohanlal the Butcher from 286 to 216.
  • Mullong Troll Mage Reduced life of Mullong Troll Mage from 294 to 264.
  • Well Fed Bears Reduced life of Well Fed Bear from 382 to 349.
  • Kratha Frog Reduced Life of Kratha Frog from 451 to 411.
  • Bounty: Aosior Reduced life of Aosior from 1246 to 946.
  • Serezith Skeleton Warrior Reduced life of Serezith Skeleton Warrior from 1330 to 1180.
  • Serezith Skeleton Hunter Reduced life of Serezith Skeleton Hunter from 911 to 811.
  • Bounty: Rusty Oswell Reduced life of Rusty Oswell from 750 to 675.
  • Kill Krathlisk Reduced life of Krathlisk frojm 854 to 754.
  • Coballas Reduced life of Coballas from 1666 to 1466.
  • Bug Plage Reduced life of Burgeir Bug from 510 to 460.
  • Sihashtra Frog Reduced life of Sihashtra Frog from 617 to 557.
  • Derkiz Blobs Increased drop rate of Derkiz Essence and Slime from 30% to 60%.
  • Forest Cockroach Reduced life of Forest Cockroach from 904 to 804.
  • Skywing Camp Reduced life of Magician of the Skywings from 809 to 709 and reduced life of the Warrior of the Skywings from 838 to 738.
  • Wihmummeth Reduced life of Wihmummeth from 858 to 728.
  • Skywing Hideout Reduced life of Skywing Huntsman from 417 to 377 and reduced life of Skywing Gladiator from 424 to 384.
  • Bounty: Khouxaqis Reduced life of Khouxaqis from 927 to 827.
  • Burgeir Bugs Reduced life of Burgeir Bug from 510 to 460.
  • Aosior's Imps Reduced life of Aosior's Imp from 515 to 465.
  • Serezith Skeleton Essence Reduced life of Serezith Skeleton mage from 1295 to 1195 and reduced life of Serezith Skeleton Fighter from 1299 to 1199

Besides that the drop rate for Cygluln Chamber key, Abaondoned Cemetery Key, Mullong Garrison Key, Windsor Hold Key and Bitterburg Key got increased a bit.

I try to make a little writeup regarding the background of those balancing changes and share a few of my thoughts regarding those in a follow-up post.