STEIN - Valentine (v0.3.19)

We added a valentine content to the shop, which is available throughout February. Besides that we added some visual improvements which should make some player activities clearer and also improve performance a bit. We choose to do another minor release, as Hotfix patches reached a ridiculous amount, which may be a bit more fitting for the amount of content we added.


  • There are new Valentine Items during February available from the shop.


  • There is now an indicator at the top which shows, if there are currently textures being loaded.
  • Displayed damage and heal numbers from player can now be turned off depending if they are yours or from another player. By default only your numbers show up. By reducing the amount of damage numbers on screen, the game performance may increase for bigger fights.
  • There are new options to turn on and off others and own heal and damage.
  • There is now an animation over the players head if he uses a bread or water item.
  • There is now an animation over the players head if he is crafting items.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where textures did show a strange border.
  • Fixed a bug where collection items could cause that your character does not get saved correctly.

As we are now focusing more on the new level 40 zone, we are probably not going to add a lot of new features until the new zone is ready. But we try to add few smaller things, which you may find entertaining and also try to give progress updates on the level 40 zone.