Hotfix v0.3.18e (Balancing)

We added some balancing changes to address the issues of that the game just gets way to hard at a certain point. The official game version will stay at 0.3.18d for backwards compatibility.


  • More automatic follow-up quests, where they make sense.
  • Adjusted life/dps of non dungeon enemies between level 5 and 22 (level 22+ seems to be fine but still needs some more testing).
  • Increased drop rates of multiple quest items.
  • Increased drop rates of random equipment drops.
  • Increased drop rates of profession books.
  • Doubled life generation of bread.
  • Added bread/water rewards for leveling quests.
  • Level 1-5 quest warrior items will be converted to fighter items.
  • Fixed some low level fighter weapons.
  • Added previous zones bread/water to zone traders.