STEIN - Login Rewards (v0.3.17)

We added a daily login rewards, to honor all our loyal players! You will be able to get some new items like polymorphs or special scrolls which will make your life easier. Besides that the game got a lot more sounds, which was long overdue.


  • Login rewards
  • You can now claim a login reward every day.
  • Enabling the login rewards, need completion of the quest "Membership Program" which you get at the smith in Farshore.
  • As a player with Stein.Account, you can claim additional rewards
  • You can claim the rewards on the top of the news tab or in the login rewards tab of the player hub.
  • You can see all upcoming and claimed rewards in the login rewards tab in the player hub.
  • New Items
  • There are now polymorph items which can alter your appearance
    • Self inflicted polymorphs which alter your hole appearance are removed if you use an item, die or the buff runs out.
    • Self inflicted polymorphs which only alter a part of your appearance are removed if you die or the buff runs out.
    • Polymorph is lost upon logout.
  • There are now scrolls which allow you to summon your party members to your location.
    • Party summoning does not work in dungeons.
    • Players need to accept the summon to be teleported.
    • Scroll is consumed on use (even if no one is in party or no one accepts your summon)
  • There are now scrolls which spawn a trader.
    • Trader will despawn after a few minutes.
    • Trader offers general goods from Waldenbach and items can be sold to him.
  • There are now scrolls which spawn a bank crate.
    • Bank crate will despawn after a few minutes.
    • Interacting with the crate will open your bank.
  • There are now scrolls which will increase your experience and profession experience for a given time and percentage.
    • Experience buff is lost upon logout.
    • Experience buff persists through death.
  • There are now a few throwable fun items like snowballs, firecrackers and steins.
  • Twitch integration with our twitch channel
  • You can spawn Fluffy on the watch page location through channel points.
  • A twitch subscription spawns a chicken on the watch page location with your name which will drop a deco-crate.
  • More sounds
  • All Enemy attacks now have sounds.
  • All Items player can use now have sounds.
  • There is now a sound when you craft an item.
  • There is now a level up sound for characters and professions.
  • Sound effect volume changes depending on distance to player.
  • Zones now have ambient sounds (can be muted and changed in volume in options)
  • Some Optimizations to reduce required bandwidth and lag.
  • Added some features for upcoming events.


  • Some buffs have new Icons to indicate their effect better.
  • Buff names are now translated.
  • Buffs now show their time in minutes or hours for longer buffs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where enemies stayed in areas they can not reach.
  • Fixed a bug where the guild did not show up for players after they logged in.
  • Fixed a bug where the respawn for gems button was visible while not available.

Hotfix v0.3.17a


  • Added some more optimizations for reducing lag.
  • Continues use of items no longer is depending on your server latency.
  • Game audio now pauses while the game is in the background. This should also fix the issue that the android app still plays sound while closed.
  • The Android app now disconnects from the game while being in the background.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where news did not show up correctly when linked.
  • Fixed a bug where the watch page crashed for wrong settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss enrage was not stopped.
  • Fixed a bug where buff names did not show up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where dungeon bosses allowed respawning while being active.
  • Fixed a bug where logout did not get canceled when the player moved, interacted or attacked.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies attacked teleporter positions after players used them.
  • Fixed a bug where not all player stats got updated after login.
  • Fixed a bug where android players could not interact with the game.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not see as far as they should on some display settings.
  • Fixed a bug where safari based browsers did show the game moved to the side. (While keyboard is active this is still not 100% fixed due to strange sadfari behavior)
  • Fixed a bug where the protection buff of the rifts did not scale correctly depending on remaining protectors.