Improvement Patch v0.3.16a

We added a lot of improvements to the game, since last patch. Besides the changes listed below, we also worked on adding new features for the item rework, added new mechanics for enemies which we may try out for Chicken of Death fights, and much more!


  • You can now set a guild note, which is only visible to guild members.
  • The default guild search result is now randomized.
  • You can click on guilds in the search to see the full guild description and member list.
  • Multiple improvements to the watch page so we can make more use out of it.
  • Collection is now a service message type you can turn off for chat tabs.


  • Guild:
  • The member list has now its own tab
  • Guild Search Tab and Guild creation are now split into separate tabs
  • Guild Search Tab is now also available while in guild
  • Nameplates are now colored depending on guild and party relation (green for same party as you and blue for same guild as you)
  • You can now see the guild tag at players nameplates. It is possible to switch to full guild name or turn this off in the options.
  • Cooldown Groups are now displayed in item tooltips and replace the item type name if they are present.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where a guild error message did not show the right message.
  • Fixed a bug where the scaling for UI overlay was to big.
  • Fixed a bug where a black border was visible while moving.
  • Fixed a bug where heal buffs showed up incorrectly in Profession Books.
  • Fixed a bug where third party integrations got stuck in connecting.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies did not notice players while moving past them.