STEIN - Guilds (v0.3.16)

Group up with your friends and create your own Guild! May your guild be the best among all! Or enjoy one of our smaller improvements like our new key binding options.


  • Guilds
  • New guild tab in player hub. (Default key binding "G")
  • If you are not in a guild it shows a guild creation area and a guild search.
  • If you are in a guild it shows basic guild info, a member list and a persistent guild chat.
  • Guild creation requires a tag and a name and 10.000 Gold creation cost.
  • Invite new guild members through chat name context menu, party member context menu or /guildinvite <name> command
  • Leave guild through button in guild info screen or by using /guildleave command.
  • Guild owners can not leave guilds. They only can delete the current guild.
  • Guild owners can also promote/demote guild members to/from officer role.
  • Guild owners can give guild ownership to other guild members. So they can leave the guild without deleting it.
  • Guild owners can kick officers and members from guild and officers can kick members from guild. Either through member list or /guildkick <name> command.
  • Guild chat can be accessed through chat selection once you are in a guild or through /g and /guild command.
  • Guild chat can also be accessed through guild tab where you also see the past guild message history up to 100 messages.
  • You can level up guilds to increase its member limit through the guild info action button.
  • Guild member limit is 10 * [guild level] and max guild level is 10 for now.
  • Guild upgrade costs for level 2 are 100k gold. All subsequent upgrades are 2 times more expensive. (level 3 = 200k, level 4 = 400k, and so on)
  • All guild functionality is cross server.
  • Account deletion
  • You can start account deletion from the options screen.
  • Accounts will get deleted 14 days after start of deletion process.
  • You can cancel the deletion process during this 14 day period.
  • Removed some sound effects from watch page.
  • Enemies in dungeon can now run around a bit for some more variation.
  • Optimization for rendering of displayed entities.
  • Optimization for rendering of damage indicators.
  • Optimization for damage, heal and status text display.
  • Server optimization for item activations and enemy attacks.


  • Book Tooltips now show if you already know the skill.
  • Added autocomplete for friends names in the receiver field of ingame mail.
  • Added buttons to delete single key bindings.
  • You can now assign key bindings for activating a quickbar slot directly.
  • Browser context menu is now disabled by default. You can reenable it by appending ?enableContextMenu to the browser url.
  • When you logout, there is now logout timer. Through that it should be easier to relog to another server.
  • You can now toggle fullscreen mode from login screen and options on supported clients and browsers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where cooldown was not synced correctly in the client.
  • Fixed a bug where trade messages did show up if a blocked player tried to trade you.
  • Fixed a bug where a player trade would close your mail, bank or shop window.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips didn't show updated key bindings.
  • Fixed a bug where "Move To Mail" context menu option was not removed.
  • Fixed a bug where not the right music for indoor and outdoor areas was played.
  • Fixed a bug where watch page didn't show any entities anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where respawn time was reset after reload.