STEIN - Ingame Mail (v0.3.15)

Finally there is the possibility to send mail in the game! Search for the nearest mailbox you can find in each village and send a gift to your friends! Also, you can now find the latest Christmas package in our store. So if you want to set up your own little Christmas tree, we would be happy if you support the game through this!


  • Ingame mail
  • There are mailboxes in every town/village you can interact with.
  • The mailbox shows a mail icon above it if you got new mail.
  • Mailbox holds mails up to 30 days for you.
  • You can send and receive text, gold and items via mail.
  • Mails have a base cost of 200 gold plus fees for sent items and sent gold.
  • Sending mail for Stein.Account users is free.
  • Watch page (experimental)
  • We now have a watch page where you can see other players play the game.
  • It selects a new random player to watch every minute.
  • In the future we want to polish this a bit more and also add some interactions.
  • If you have some ideas on your own for this leave a suggestion in our Discord!
  • Android Version now supports payment through the PlayStore.
  • Multiple optimizations
  • New Language: German (Thanks to HubiundAwesome and IlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIl!)


  • Translator Panel now shows newest translations on top.
  • Android users now receive a error message on top if their client is outdated. Playing is still possible with older versions but some features may be disabled.
  • Spawning Entities now fade in.
  • Despawning Entities now fade out.
  • Questlog overlay
  • You can enable a ingame quest overlay in the options and the questlog.
  • You can disable auto tracking for new quests in the options.
  • Select and deselect quests in your questlog you want to show in the overlay.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the cast bar was slightly visible after login.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss enraged in dungeons to early into fights or before the fight even started.
  • Fixed a bug where the shortcuts menu could no longer be opened after reconnect.