STEIN - Collection (v0.3.14)

All collectable items finally have their own home! With this patch we introduce the collection, in which you can store all collectibles you want to keep for yourself. Besides the fact that your inventory is no longer filled with these items, you can also see which collectibles you are still missing! Happy Collecting!


  • Collection:
  • You can access the Collection in the expanded shortcuts menu.
  • You can access the Collection with a defined hotkey (Default: C).
  • Hotkey for Collection can be changed in the options
  • You can add collectible items to the collection by selecting "To Collection" in the context menu of the item.
  • Items in your collection can be moved to the inventory by selecting "To Inventory" in the context menu of the item.
  • Collectibles can be used directly out of your collection by selecting "Use" in the context menu of the item.
  • New Language: Slovenian. Thanks HANNAA for providing the translation!


  • Players with a Stein.Account now have a chat icon infront of their name.
  • The Stein.Account chat icon can be disabled in the options.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where translation did not show up correctly in the bank.
  • Fixed a bug where party member positions did not update on the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the chat did break in the chat overlay.