STEIN - Multilingual (v0.3.12)

Thanks to a lot of help from the community, now supports many more languages! Some of these languages were already added by hotfixes but with this patch the new languages are now officially part of the game. Beside this innovation there are some performance improvements for mobile and the usual bugfixes in this patch.


  • New Languages:
  • French (Thanks to Makh for translating!)
  • Spanish (Thanks to Kadurry and ezakto for translating!)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Thanks to FabioTequila, Shirumitsu, Karnivora, pissolato for translating!)
  • Chinese (Thanks to brenter and SBxzjz for translating!)
  • Full Polish language support (Thanks to Dertes for translating!)
  • Optimized rendering for better mobile and low end hardware support.


  • Increased chat and action button sized for mobile.
  • New Chat commands:
  • /feedback for opening the feedback window.
  • /report for opening the player report window.
  • /bug for opening the bug report window.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where all settings got resetet on reset keybinding.
  • Fixed a bug where multiline messages got displayed wrong in some occasions.
  • Fixed a bug where items did not get updated after moving them from or to the bank.
  • Fixed a bug where dropped items stayed on the screen after disconnecting from the game.
  • Multiple UI element fixes which did not support translations.