STEIN - First step of Localization (v0.3.4)


  • The respawn times for the startquests items and those of the mobs have been significantly reduced.
  • New calculation of groups XP. Players now get more XP when playing in a group than before.
  • The T-Shirt at the Farshore Inn now has the right colour on the ground (blue)
  • Players who have a significantly lower level than an opponent now get less XP
  • In all large villages there are now new traders
  • You can now also buy Stein.Accounts for Gems at special merchants
  • A new language has been added: Polish - incomplete


  • Added a new Error-Message for WebGLRenderer errors
  • Start dialog of an NPC is now skipped if there is only one following option
  • Full Account is now called Stein.Account because the old name has led to confusion
  • The chat was limited to 256 characters.
  • A help button was added in the Professions window
  • There is now a language selection in the options

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a Bug with the quest "Mysterious Jewelry"
  • Players who are webbed can now rotate their character
  • The chat no longer resets its position while scrolling when a new message arrives
  • Quests items are now properly updated in the quest log when you trade them